Santa Monica Prefecture


Dorit Cypis, Close Your Eyes If You Want to See

April 1 - May 15, 2019


Thursday/Friday 4-7PM
Saturday 11-2PM & by Appointment

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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Frederik Nilsen
solo performance
musically interpreting
Dorit Cypis'
braille text message
as a musical score

He'll play from 1:30-2:30pm

you are invited to come see as much or as little as you like

May 7, 2019

Jeff Shwartz, Charles Sharp , & Michael Intriere

April 12-20, 2019

Wednesday , April 10, 2019

a piano appears

It sat behind the grocery store just about three blocks away, in another alley. it was there for about a week. my neighbor Aaron suggested we retrieve it. clearly, it belongs in the show,,, music, interpretation, serendipity - chance - and it came from the streets. "player piano for braille - bring it to our alley!" Dorit said.
Aaron and I went to adopt the piece, quickly realizing why it had been neglected for so long. solid wood, with a cast iron plate and back, plus wheels that barely wanted to turn, falling out of their respective shafts made the task incredibly difficult and laughably noisy - two men struggling to push a piano down the alleyways, dodging impatient cars and holding traffic up as we inched our way across the asphalt. bright chalky white lines (which I documented the next day) trailed our every movement, as the steel wheels reluctantly dragged across the asphalt and concrete. Each time a crack or rupture appeared in our way, the piano would slam to a halt and our progress would freeze - we'd have to get it back on track and pull it over the obstacle.. as we scraped our way behind the fast food restaurant halfway to our destination, feeling a little defeated, a smiling face popped his head up between a couple cars , "you all need help with that thing?", Ronald only wanted a meal and a cigarette for his laborious assistance.. "we've got you!" we happily agreed.. Three pairs of hands didn't necessarily ease the burden, but Ronald's new energy gave us a second boost as we blocked yet another street for our comical display. at this point, neighbors from all sides were watching and laughing from a distance. the neighborhood became activated, struggling together.

about an hour had past and we finally got the piano pushed into the space, enjoying a beer and taking turns trying to play any little ditty we could think up - an impromptu performance. It's a small but important footnote to the larger concept of the show - common goals almost immediately uniting the most disparate participants.

April 2019

Saturday, April 6th, 2019.

Installation view

Thursday, April 4th, 2019

the garage is in the alley

take a look : MAP

Friday - Sunday, March 29-31, 2019
Whose Bare Life

"On Captiva Island, I would ride an old bicycle a few times a day from the Gulf side to the Bay side over a mile-long dirt road that meandered through tropical jungle. Wanting to understand where I was, I often left the road to walk amongst the unfamiliar flora and remember clearly the exact moment I recognized that the largest of the trees had grown huge endless limbs around other trees...suffocating them! Trees...were choking the life...from other trees. I couldn't stop clicking my camera, as if taking one more photograph would help me understand what was happening around me. Most of the day, one thread connected me back to the American mainland, the voice of one or another media announcer reading the daily news whispered through iPhone earplugs, into my ear. Daily, for 5 continuous weeks, I listened to unconscionable and seemingly racist police violence erupting across America. The violence I was hearing in my ear was an intimacy that was blinding... and here I the jungle...amongst trees that were inhaling each other. Strangely, this provided me a way to feel viscerally connected to the violence I was hearing. After printing a series of photographs, I taught myself visual braille in order to silkscreen braille text across the surface of each image - ha an oxymoron of these words cannot be felt by the blind, nor read by a majority of the sighted- WHOSE BARE LIFE-Whosebarelife."


October 2018 : single objects / man-altered landscapes, Victor Saveljev

July 2016 : Social Moment, Christina Mesiti & Janelle Borsberry

May 2016 : Tel, Lauren Kasmer

March 2016 : Shown In Oblique, Michael Russell & Kim Alexander

Santa Monica Prefecture

1120 20th Street (garage- in alley)
Santa Monica , California

walk in from California Ave or behind Wilshire Blvd, btwn 19&20th


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